Terms of Hire

'The Provider' means Rainbow Skip Hire.

'The Hirer' means the customer of the Provider.

All Services

The Terms and Conditions of Rainbow Skip Hire for the time being in force shall in all cases supersede any conflicting terms and conditions of the customer.
The contents of all skips hired remain the property of the Hirer until the Provider is paid in full.

All skips are deposited, collected and left at the Hirer's risk. Any damage to persons or property caused by the depositing, collecting or moving skips is the Hirer's responsibility, including theft. Once the skip has been deposited by the Provider, it must not be removed or relocated by anyone other than the Provider.

The Provider will obtain written permission from the relevant Highway Authority for the depositing of all skips on a highway and will renew such permission for the duration of the hire, as agent for and on behalf of the Hirer. The Hirer will pay all costs in relation to any permits required.

The Provider will provide all necessary lighting and cones for the skip, but it is the Hirer's responsibility to ensure that lights and warning cones are in position for the hiring period. If any lights or cones are damaged or stolen the Hirer must contact the Provider to ensure that adequate protection is maintained during the hire period.

No asbestos-based materials, chemicals, liquids, tyres, fridges, freezers or car batteries of any kind are to be placed into skips.

In order to prevent debris falling during transit, the skip must not be loaded above the top of the skip sides.

Where no person is available to sign, then placement of the order is taken as acceptance of these terms and conditions. Any problems or difficulties must be notified within twenty four hours.

Under no circumstances should wet concrete be poured into skips.

The Provider reserves the right to collect the skip at any time after the fourteen day period of hire without prior notification to the Hirer.

No fires are to be lit in the skip.

Cancellations can only be accepted no less than 2 hours before the due delivery time of the skip. Refunds will be given at the discretion of the management.

Should the provider arrive to find that the delivery/collection of a skip cannot be completed as planned, a £80-00 + VAT wasted journey fee will be levied.

If an order to deliver a skip is cancelled and the payment was made by a credit or debit card, an administration charge of £30-00 + VAT shall be levied to the hirer before a refund is made, subject to the skip delivery not being en-route. Should the skip delivery already be en-route when the hirer cancels the delivery, a £60-00 + VAT charge will be levied to the hirer before a refund is made.

The provider shall not be liable for any subsequent expense, liability, loss or claim proceeding whatsoever caused by or arising from late delivery/collection, non delivery, breakdown or stoppage of any kind