All waste collected by Rainbow Skip Hire will be taken to a registered waste transfer station. Once there, all waste materials are segregated through integrated recycling systems consisting of screening equipment, picking stations, magnets, etc. Paper, plastics, cardboard, wood, plasterboard, ferrous and non-ferrous materials are all recycled.

All construction and demolition waste e.g. soils, inert & heavy materials are put through a trommel screener to separate the soil, concrete & brick. The brick is cleaned and offered as recycled hardcore, whilst the concrete material is crushed for re-use in construction and all soils are processed for potential use as topsoil.

Our cardboard and plastics are hand sorted, segregated from other recycling streams, and bailed. These then are transported to dedicated recycling for further processing. 

Our metals are separated by hand and the use of semi-autonomous machines to separate out the ferrous materials, these are both then sent to be repurposed into cars, electrical components, and everyday items that we all use. 

The remainder of the waste is taken to a registered 'waste to energy' , here it is shredded and incinerated, generating heat to power homes, schools, hospitals, and various facilities.

This enables us to proudly state and maintains our zero waste to landfill policy. 


Download: Recycling Policy PDF